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Plastic Bottle Caps

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In this changing world you also need to keep moving we always try to meet the demand of market and constantly implement new ideas and innovations faster than ever before. We provide everything to you with a unique expertise. We think everything should be easy for you from providing caps and closures to providing it on time in any corner of the world. Safety it’s just not a word but a commitment given by us that our products are not only just safe but hygienic, defect free and healthy.

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We create our image by providing closure systems which are more user-friendly, east to open and close and easy to keep clean. The time-plan is always under our control. We are counted amongst one of the most popular, leading manufacturers, traders and suppliers of the plastic industry. We have been in this industry for over 32 years and emerged as a leader of total solution plastic caps, bottle caps, pull-push caps, measuring caps, flip-top, spice caps suppliers in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Visakhapatnam, Vadodara and Coimbatore etc. We have a long track record of being successful in providing caps and closures to beverage, food, heath-care, FMCG and lubricant industry. We have the most experienced designers with 30 years of experience you are very dedicated.

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  • To be a quality leader in the plastic industries and to achieve constant growth and innovations by putting high efforts to ensure the growth of our customers.
  • To be the most technically advanced manufacturer, supplier and trader.
  • Dhiren plastics industries aim to provide highly superior products of best quality to all the clients with competitive advantage in terms of flexibility, quality and assurance.
  • Providing all this excellent and friendly services to the customers we also aim for higher strength and durability.
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  • Team work
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  • Health, Safety and Environment
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How are Plastic Bottle Caps Manufactured?

The cap is needed for the bottle because it seals the opening of the bottle. Any typical bottle cap you would found will be colorful and decorated and would have a logo of the beverage company or whatever it has inside. Flip tops caps are used to provide control dispensing of dry products. Plastic caps are made out of very different type of plastic also different than the plastic used for making bottles.    

Plastic Bottle Caps Manufactured
Materials used for manufacturing the Plastic Bottle Caps

What are the Materials used for manufacturing the Plastic Bottle Caps?

The normally used material used for making plastic bottle caps is Polyethylene. Most of the caps you can feel as a bit stiff are made up of HDPE i.e. is high density Polyethylene. Most common example of this is the bottle caps of common beverages for e.g. Coke bottles. Some caps for 20L water container are made up of LDPE i.e. low density polyethylene. The reason is the cap has to be broken to open such containers and these materials are soft so it can be easily broken.

Are plastic bottle caps recyclable?

The bottle caps are made out of the plastic different than used in bottles. And the main part of their difference during recycling them together is their melting points, which can be a big issue when it comes to processing to the whole new recycling system. It has to be first sorted and then it has to be washed. They might sort it by density by putting it in water. But ultimately it has to be melted and there is about a huge difference of 100 degree.

plastic bottle caps recyclable
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Where Can I buy Plastic Bottle Caps?

If you want to buy plastic bottle caps you are on the right path Dhiren plastic industries is the leading manufacturer, supplier and trader of a wide array of plastic bottle caps. As per the requirement of the customer we customize the product. And we are providing wide collection of the plastic bottle cap exporters in Brazil, China, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Nigeria, Turkey, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Nepal, USA and Uk

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